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Château Musar Cuvée Blanc Reserve 2003 (Lebanon)

  I was ecstatic when Angela gave us a bottle of Château Musar! A symbol of Lebanon, Château Musar is more famous for the enduring dedication of the winemakers (brothers Serge and Ronald Hochar) than for the product itself.

Lebanon's two main indiginous grapes are Obaideh and Merwah. Château Musar Cuvée Blanc is made from 100% Obaideh. The winery is located in an 18th century castle in Ghazir near Beirut, and the vineyards are 30 miles away in the Bekaa Valley, meaning the grapes must travel for some time. The result is oxidation and therefore a higher acidity.

In 1983, the harvest took place amidst raging battles around the vineyards, and Serge Hochar was smuggled in by a small boat to make the wine. The winery suffered direct hits from shelling in 1988 and 1989, and locals used the cellars as bomb shelters. (I noticed that bottles from 1988 and 1989 received some of the best reviews.)

This is a winery I would love to visit, not to mention the areas surrounding the vineyards. The picture below is of Roman ruins in the Bekaa valley, home to several vineyards.

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