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Villa Doluca 2004 (Turkey) [Jul. 16th, 2006|02:55 pm]
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Turkish wine? We were skeptical, but the price was amazing, so we opened it while we cooked spaghetti and tomato sauce. It was fine, but there wasn't any obvious fruit or oak flavors, or any hint of youth or maturity. There might have been too much of something - tannins? Acidity? We weren't sure.

Then we sat down to eat our spaghetti, and lo! Something happened when we drank the wine with food! Suddenly all the flavors came out of the wine, and the food tasted better, too! For the first time I realized what people meant when they talked about food/wine complements. We still don't know which property caused this synergy... can any readers help us out?

From TurkishOdyssey.com:
"Villa Doluca Red: A full bodied red wine, with strong varietal character made from the "Cinsault" and "Karasakiz" grapes grown in the Marmara region. A certain amount of "Bogazkere" from eastern Anatolia is added to make it more rich and robust."

Oh, something I just noticed: We had been drinking it chilled, experimentally, because of what John Cleese said about room temperature being different in Europe hundreds of years ago (than say, room temperature in our Dubai kitchen). I just checked the bottle and noticed it recommends serving it at 15-16 centigrade. I think that suggestion is right on.