chu_hi_wines (chu_hi_wines) wrote,

Grapevine Texas Winery's "Grapevine Red"

If you don't come from North Texas, you might not be aware that between Dallas and Ft. Worth lies a town called Grapevine, where grapes grow wild and wines are produced locally. In fact, even if you do come from Dallas/Ft. Worth, you may be surprised by the quality of the local wines. I really like this "Grapevine Red," and my folks were fabulous enough to bring a couple of bottles on their recent visit to Dubai.

I think this wine is amazing. Fruity and juicy and young tasting, it presents flavors of turbinado sugar and Scandanavian berries. And all kinds of other fruits. If you like sweeter wines, you absolutely will fall in love with it. If you're in a position to acquire some, I recommend that you do so.

Grapevine Texas Winery. 805 North Main St., Grapevine, TX, 76051. 817-488-6789.
Tags: blends, texas

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