chu_hi_wines (chu_hi_wines) wrote,

Muscat Migdal - a White and a Red (Moldova)

Moldovan wine! Who knew? Okay, you can make fun of my overly adventurous nature when it comes to wine (or do like my parents, and use me to finish your weird wines), but it turns out Moldovan wine can be really nice. I brought matching white and red Muscat Migdals to celebrate a couple of birthdays last night (both speed_fetish and bklyn_in_dubai reached milestones today), and nobody could find anything bad to say about them. The red was fruity but simple - not a lot of complexity. The white was delicate and had meadlike qualities, and was definitely the better out of the two. I'm impressed all over.

As a side note, Don has observed that Armenia produces a couple of decent beers!
Tags: moldova

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