chu_hi_wines (chu_hi_wines) wrote,

Cellier d'Or Rouge

A contender for "Most Boring Wine Possibly Ever." When I opened it, I wasn't too impressed with the nose; rather, I couldn't detect an aroma at all, no matter how furiously I swirled. The taste has no complexity or character, and very little tannin or fruit. But it's very easy, with not even a hint of unpleasantness. So I think it would be appropriate to keep a case around to serve guests who've already drunk enough not to know the difference. It has a pretty label, and a synthetic cork that makes a dramatic pop! So I think I'm about to walk back to the wine store and buy as many bottles as I can carry. After all, it's going for $2.19 at the local Maritime & Mercantile International, Limited.

Tags: france, red blends

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