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Clumsily tasted and noted: Five medium-good reds

In order of overall tastiness:
    Yellowtail Cabernet Sauvignon
    Yellowtail Merlot
    Le Faux Frog Merlot
    Talus Pinot Noir
    Il Bastardo Sangiovese Rosso
November 13. Our last day in Texas began festively. Don, John, and I sipped leftover Vendange Merlot and Turner Road Shiraz, failing to find anything bad to say about either. Vendange Merlot 2002, at $6.99 for 1.5 liters, is my most trusted standby when a cheap red is needed. Velvety yet neutral, it is nice with spicy food, sweets, cheeses and olives, or on its own. Or with five or six other wines...

A visit from a dear friend (Cory S.), a holiday dinner with family (and Beringer White Zinfandel, which I won't discuss here except to comment that it tastes like holiday dinners with family), a unilateral exchange of gifts, and then it was time to settle into some serious cork-popping.

We were joined by Beth (pajamasaurus), Clay, and a horse who loves the great indoors. Freely pouring the reds listed above, we swapped tall tales, made grand future plans, composed pop hooks, invoked spirits, contemplated the teachings of the buddha, and gave the horse a cuddle or two. A hidden reserve of Château Phanny 2004 materialized.

From this experience, I learned two important points. One, that tasting four or more wines next to each other helps to highlight their differences. Two, that after four or more glasses of wine, I can't be trusted to make any notes.

But here are my ill-documented evaluations.

Talus Pinot Noir has a pretty label but the contents of the bottle were ordinary; unflawed, but unspectacular. Both Yellowtails Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon were deliciously well-rounded and paired well with good-ass swine (aka John's pork tenderloin). Le Faux Frog's dry character invited me to re-examine it at a later date. And vinegary Il Bastardo proved to be aptly named.

It was a week of wine. Give me a few days to dry out, and I'll be back with fresh notes.
Tags: cabernet sauvignon, horses, merlot, pinot noir, sangiovese rosso

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