chu_hi_wines (chu_hi_wines) wrote,

Cloudberry Wine ~ Finland

Peter the Swede, who gave us this wine, said cloudberries are "the gold of berries." The berries are exquisitely beautiful. And the name is certainly pretty.

I sniffed the glass deeply, and wondered what the wine smelled like.


"Cloudberries," said Don.

"Orange marmalade? Apricot jam?"

"Cloudberry jam," Don corrected me.

The taste is magnificent. Prettier than the name. I haven't figured out whether it's a wine, mead, or liqueur. It might be a "dessert wine," but we had it with dinner - chicken parmigiana with asparagus spears - and it was heavenly. The best thing I've tasted in a long time. Cue to me booking tickets to Scandanavia. Peter says June is good.
Tags: finland

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