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Clos Du Val Winery ~ Napa Valley

I swapped onto a San Francisco flight, and took off a few hours after I made my previous entry. I told my dinner date from that evening that I was going to try to find the 2009 merlot, and his instructions were "buy them all!"

Of course, that was already my plan.

With the help of antivert, I made a reservation for a tasting, just before I flew out. On Sunday, the 6th of July, I picked him up at an Amtrak station, and we drove to Napa.

Clos Du Val is a pretty place.

First label of first wine.

People played games.

Splendor, Mirth, and Joy

Vines, and people looking at vines.

Pinot noir room, for hovering over pinot.

Tasting room, with tasters.

And here's the prize. They thought at first they didn't have a single bottle of 2009 merlot remaining, but then they noticed four half-bottles. I nearly hesitated to buy them out, but the man behind the counter said "if you buy them all, we will be very happy." And so, with glee, I did. I'm happy that it came in four half bottles instead of two full bottles, since now I will be able to enjoy this wine on four occasions, rather than two.

Mission accomplished!
Tags: california, clos du val, merlot, sauvignon blanc, winery visit

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