chu_hi_wines (chu_hi_wines) wrote,

Château d'Armajan des Ormes Sauternes 2007

I've been curious about Sauternes, as I serve one at work, and when I pour it, it smells like a harvest festival covered in honey. The one we serve is around USD $200 for a half bottle, and I haven't had the opportunity.

I found this 2007 Château d'Armajan des Ormes for around $30 a half bottle, and it tastes like a dream. Honey and oranges and crystallized ginger and apricots. It smells heavy, but tastes light and citrussy.

From Wikipedia: "By the end of the 18th century, the region's reputation for Sauternes was internationally known: Thomas Jefferson was an avid connoisseur. Jefferson recorded that after tasting a sample of Château d'Yquem while President, George Washington immediately placed an order for 30 dozen bottles."

Be right back, placing an order for 30 dozen bottles.
Tags: bordeaux, dessert wine, sauternes

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