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No Boring Wines on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, we opened a half bottle of the 2009 Clos du Val Merlot and a bottle of 2009 Farrier Presshouse. These were two of the most interesting wines I've sipped in a while. The flavors were subtle and ever changing, complex but not too forward, and just exquisite. I wish I'd taken notes, but I didn't; I was too busy enjoying. Anyway, my notes would have been comprised of onomatopoeia. "Mmm!" "Oooh..." "Oh!"

Here's what the label on the Clos du Val Merlot had to say.

According to the Farrier website, "A decidedly Alexander Valley personality. The nose immediately captures your attention: pencil shavings, sandalwood, dried orange rind and black currant over lush, ripe blueberry. The palate is deep and firm, with savory characters that invites Bordelaise comparison." That was for the 2010.

Also, "Back in the day, “presshouse” was the common name for what we now call the winery - the building where the grapes were pressed and fermented before being barreled down."

Two very interesting wines, indeed. I'm going to go ahead and conclude that 2009 was a good year.
Tags: california, clos du val, farrier, merlot, red blends

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