chu_hi_wines (chu_hi_wines) wrote,

Blossom Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2001

As I crawled along the floor of a Manhattan wine shop, searching among the overpriced and overrated for something my wallet could sustain, the Japanese owner asked me, "What are you looking for? Because we might not have it."

"I'm looking for something I can afford," I answered.

"Oh. Then you are looking at the right thing!" Thus I was introduced to Blossom Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2001.

The color is dark - very dark. I want to call it raven's blood, or midnight in Hades. The cork is kissed with a deep purple stain. The bouquet is strong - when I uncorked it to breathe, the whole apartment took on the scent. Chocolate, tiramisu, strawberry syrup.

The taste is not delicate, not airy, not refined. Not bad. Sipped after lunch it feels indulgent, like eating dessert first. It's sour and warm and - quite frankly - a little shocking at first. The aftertaste is a different story. The aftertaste is sweet and agreeable, like a lullaby.

This wine would be well suited for pizza with friends, or a merry group sing-a-long. Trivial Pursuit with teams, or a Godfather marathon with a big spaghetti dinner. Or any event where quantity might be a virtue above quality.
Tags: cabernet sauvignon, california

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