chu_hi_wines (chu_hi_wines) wrote,

Calvet Merlot 2003

Color: Cinnaberry - the color of my hair now.

Aroma: Winter berries with vanilla ice cream.

Impressions: This breezy red is young and playful, at the same time being ambitious and eager to please. If it weren't wine it would be gossamer or velvet. The label calls this wine an "eye-opening experience," and I actually do seem to be seeing a bit more clearly.

I want to give this wine high marks, but until now I haven't utilized any sort of rating system. I'd like to implement one, but I don't want to use an unfair, linear 0-100 scale. It doesn't make sense to compare whites, reds, homebrews, vintages, and $6 bottles on the same scale. Any ideas?

Until I have established a rating system for this blog, I award the Calvet Merlot 2003 an A+ and a gold star. And likely, my repeat business.
Tags: france, merlot

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