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Dantelle Merlot 2003

I was fortunate to have scrutinized this Venetian merlot in Manhattan with someone who knows a bit about wine - EK First Officer Dave B. Naturally, he didn't let on about this body of knowledge until after I had made a grand idiot of myself, hanging my nose in the glass and holding it up in front of the TV to check the color. I may also have tried listening to it.

The color was either mahogany or burgundy, depending which one of us you were to ask. The bouquet was a handful of yellow dandelions, with overtones of apple butter (like the kind Waffle House serves with raisin toast) - according to me. According to him, it possessed blackberry and chocolate overtones.

Dave showed me the meniscus; that is, the clear layer that floats on top of the purpley part and which my untrained eyes had never seen. A thinner meniscus indicates a drier wine. This wine's label boasted about a fullness of body, and sure enough, the meniscus was not as thin as one might expect. But DB said it was "definitely not full-bodied, not compared to other grape varietals. Though for its class - a young merlot - it is holding its own." He also deemed it to have no cellaring potential.

I would simply have described this wine as "nothing special." Sure it was fun at first, but between the two of us, we failed to drink up all 75 centiliters. And that is definitely saying something where chu_hi is concerned.
Tags: italy, merlot

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