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Beringer White Zinfandel 2003

This is a wine I've tasted many times, but never reviewed. My favorite White Zins have historically been Woodbridge and Glen Ellen, with Fetzer up there somewhere as well. But one cannot deny the popularity of Beringer, and with good reason.

The color is like the flesh of a black plum - very warm and peachy colored. It's actually a very, very beautiful color, reminding me of apricot blossoms and bridesmaids' dresses. This wine has very little aroma, but I think I can smell green apple skins.

White zinfandel always reminds me of mead, and Beringer is a good example, with its light perfumey flavor and rich honey texture. This wine is a romantic wine - it goes perfectly with a homecooked meal, candles, and a romantic movie (recommended: Shakespeare In Love). Being a California wine, you can't go wrong pairing it with Mexican food. It is also a festive wine, perfect for holiday dinners with family and a hundred or so dishes. It matches well with potato and chicken dishes, as well as any dish using warm, citrusy flavors like coriander or lime.

In short, this is a wine for everybody, at any meal.

(The label recommends chilling it, but as with all white zinfandels (excluding Sutter Home, which should never be drunk by anyone), I prefer it chilled only slightly, as over-chilling masks the delicate flavors.)
Tags: california, pink, white zinfandel

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