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Black Swan Merlot (2003) [Dec. 9th, 2004|08:47 am]
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I came across this Australian Merlot via the recommendation of the man from whom I buy my wine in New York. At $9.99 a bottle, the price was right (and these are Manhattan prices) and apparently it was popular that week.

This wine claimed to have "herbal" flavors. I found it a little bitter, which could translate to "herbal" with some imagination. The aftertaste is crisp and fresh. The bouquet is a bit cherry-like, to match the color (a smokey sort of ruby hue).

On the U.C. Davis 20 point scale, I'll give it a 14, with the lowest marks for "overall impression."

I'm going to try using the U.C. Davis 20-point method until I find something better, even though it isn't quite what I've been looking for. I've considered (up until now) using a comparison scale, comparing different vintages to songs (too subjective), classic cars (something I know nothing about), or postage stamps (perfect for me, but too much work to scan in stamps every time). So I'll try out Señor Davis until something better comes along. Suggestions welcome.

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