chu_hi_wines (chu_hi_wines) wrote,

Don's Wine!! Batch #1 (UAE)

Born: December 8, 2004.
Tasted: December 27, 2004.

This wine was brewed using minimal equipment and the most basic of ingredients, and the results of Don's first batch of red wine are very encouraging. With due fanfare, we tasted this wine last night with Ben and Ellie, one week after the final bottling.

The color is a vivid Barney shade of purple, which I found interesting since the juice that started it was nearly black. The nose has a slight yeastiness, and is reminiscent of grape jelly in a strawberry patch.

The taste is, as Ben said, "very palatable." I thought it resembled a soft ruby port, but Ellie felt it was actually better than port. She liked the sweetness; I liked the tartness and the strawberry aftertaste.

Don's Batch #1 isn't juice - it's wine! And a very promising wine at that. I'm looking forward to #2.

It's not juice!
Tags: novelty

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