chu_hi_wines (chu_hi_wines) wrote,

Château Phanny 2004

Grape: This white wine was homemade by my father, using Welsh's frozen white grape juice from concentrate and Hodgman bread yeast, and about 4 cups of sugar.

Nose: dried apricots.

Impressions: Strong sake (nihonshu) flavor with undertones of Asahi "ume" wine. Despite its rough origins, this is a smooth and mellow wine. Strong but not bracing, sweet but not sugary, this wine is perfect for sipping. I had it for breakfast - recommended.

Edit. 12 November, 2004. Beth said it reminds her of a Sunday breakfast - waffles, with seasonal fruit with syrup and scrambled eggs, a bowl of fruit instead of sausage, a Denny's breakfast. It's a breakfast wine. Don says Beth classified it as a new class of breakfast wine, apart from your aperitifs and your rosés. It would just go well with any kind of pancakes: blueberry, peaches and cream.
Tags: novelty, texas

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