chu_hi_wines (chu_hi_wines) wrote,

Dipnon Merlot 2003 (Greece)

Dipnon Merlot

Dipnon Merlot is young and unoaked and very pleasing! I was going to have a tiny sip now and save some to review later, but I became so excited about this wine that I had to review it straightaway.

The aroma is like strawberry preserves; I can almost taste them. But the taste isn't sweet at all. It falls on the dry side of medium-bodied; soft with a lingering aftertaste of strawberry leaves. (I eat the leaves on strawberries - do you?) Don says it tastes like black cherries, like you might have in black cherry ice cream.

This wine is bright and musical, and I'm going to sip it as slowly as possible, lips tingling, to appreciate the unexpected complexity that is the final exemplification of grape.
Tags: greece, merlot

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